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Participation procedure

Professional’s participation procedure

During LéaLA’s fourth edtion and for the first time, the Professionals’ program took place on Friday, May 15. A space of conversation for all of those involved in the book business: editors, librarians, academics and book sellers.

The program consisted on a series of conferences and talks of special interest to this particular audience. The end balance was 75 librarians, 13 academics, 5 educator and 30 professionals among editors, book sellers, distributors and content selectors.

Prior to the fair:

  1. 1Registration deadline is May the 1st, 2016. Download
  2. 2Browse the list of publishers that are participating in LéaLA.
  3. 3Discover new titles and upcoming books through the online [Publishers Catalogs] section.
  4. 4Browse LéaLA’s Professionals Program events and conferences.

At the fair:

  1. 1On the first day of the event, please go to the registration module located at the entrance of the fair to receive your badge
    and welcome bag.
  2. 2See the more than 300 editorial imprints exhibiting at LéaLA.
  3. 3Learn about the latest trends in the Spanish-language book industry.
  4. 4Have the opportunity to purchase books directly from publishers and distributors.
  5. 5Visit the Librarians and Educators Lounge!

How you benefit from your participation

  1. A Professionals will be able to familiarize themselves with exhibitor’s catalogs prior to the fair.
  2. B LéaLA offers a wide range of books under one roof, expand your collection and educational material.
  3. C The Professionals Program offers workshops that include; editors, industry experts, and author presentations.
  4. LéaLA is not responsible for any negotiations between Exhibitors and Professionals nor are they responsible for the sale or shipping of any material.