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Independent publishers and authors pavilion

Booking steps:

  1. 1About the Independent Publishers and Authors Pavilion.
  2. 2Fill out, download and send application.
  1. 3Fill out, download and send Letter of Commitment.
  2. 4Revise and select payment method.

About LeáLA

Since 2013 LéaLA, in conjuntion with Editorial Universitaria, has developed the Independent Publishers and Authors Pavilion in order to give smaller publishers the oportunity to partake in the fair at a low cost.

This iniciative seeks not only to widen the editorial offer but also to give more visibility to these publishers so they can open up to a bigger market and make themselves known among both hispanic and English-speaking communities in California.

This is why we would like to invite you to take part in the Independent Publishers and Authors Pavilion, whose main goals are:

  • For all the Independent Publishers and Authors to partake in a unique space for book promotion, sales and billing. This space will be known as Independent Publishers and Authors Pavilion.
  • To considerable lowee the participation fee for LéaLA.
  • To have an excellent location inside the fairground.

Some of the main benefits are:

  • A united for all independent publishers.
  • Promotion in Los Ángeles media whenever the Independent Publishers and Authors Pavilion is mentioned.
  • Preferential area inside LéaLA.
  • Editorial Universitaria will provide sales and billing for each of the participant's publishing collections.

Participation guidelines

Each participating author should observe the following:

  1. Pay to register in the Pavilion of Independent Authors.

    Participation fee
    1. Participation fee with an enclosed booth
      • 4 shelves, one meter (39.37 inches) each.
      • Author’s name tag.
      • Display of 20 titles, three copies of each.
    2. Participation fee with a shelf
      • Space available for one shelf.
      • Display of 5 titles, three copies each.
      • Author’s name tag.

    NOTE: The author may send a maximum of 20 titles to be exhibited at the Fair, sending three copies of each, (or 5 titles with three copies each in the case of paying for a shelf). If there are fewer titles, or if you wish to give greater display to something new, you can increase the number of copies and reduce the number of titles.

    Cost for each package of books includes

    Reception at the Convention Center, set up, exhibition, promotion, sales during the Fair, inventory control, collection of payments, invoicing, and a sales report.

  2. Fill out participation application and Letter of Commitment.
  3. Choose payment method.

Payment methods

The time period to make such payment spans form January 5th until March 27th 2016. With registration, pertinent invoice will be issued.

Bank deposit

Account BBVA Bancomer No. 0136946763
Branch office 0687 (Banca de Gobierno)
In the name of Universidad de Guadalajara


Must be written out to Universidad de Guadalajara and be sent to Editorial Universitaria’s office , located on calle José Bonifacio Andrada 2679, Colonia Lomas de Guevara, C.P. 44657, Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Editorial Universitaria must receive the participation fee payment receipt no later tan March 27th by fax number (01-33) 3640 6326 or by the following email addresses