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Education pavilion

What is it?

This pavilion will serve as a meeting point for the strengthening of partnerships between educational, government and civil society sectors in Mexico and the United States in ways that will benefit Hispanics in the United States.

It will also be an important venue where institutions offering educational opportunities to Hispanics can advertise their programs, scholarships and educational counseling services to LéaLA fairgoers, who numbered 85,000 the last time the event was held.

Benefits of being part of the Education Pavilion:

  • Participate in an area of academic promotion, where you can exchange experiences with other education professionals.
  • Present your programs and projects to more than 85,000 fairgoers.
  • Having a venue to promote your institution.
  • Use of the pavilion as a platform for:
  1. Advertise your educational offer.
  2. Book presentations.
  3. Workshops and talks.

How to participate?

Becoming an exhibitor:

To participate as an exhibitor, you must complete a recovery cost.

As a donor:

If you or your company do not need a booth but want to become part of this noble and ambitious project, you can support it through a donation. Your donation will go a long way towards strengthening the Education Pavilion and enabling its work to benefit the many sectors represented at the event.


As a donor, your logo will appear:

  • On the banner behind the main stage
  • On 50,000 printed programs distributed at LéaLA