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Our ambassadors!

“The Ambassadors for LéaLA and the Spanish language” is an initiative to which personalities from the arts, television and general culture have joined to show and give their support to LéaLA and the Spanish language to keep it growing in the United States.

They have joined this endeavor selflessly and with no other intention other than to push forward the promotion of reading and education among us, Latinos.

We are thankful of your belief in our goals and of accepting to participate in this project.

Enjoy the testimonies!

Gustavo Dudamel

Aisha Syed

Fernando Zapata López

Jaime Abello Banfi

Juan Villoro

Rubén Albarrán

Sergio Arau

Juan Carlos Arciniegas

Kuno Becker

Carlos Vives


Patricia Velásquez

Silvia Olmedo

Daniel Bisogno