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UDG foundation-USA

The University of Guadalajara Foundation in the United States is a non-profit institution that promotes and develops important academic, cultural and outreach programs in conjunction with the University of Guadalajara. It also launches fundraising initiatives whose purpose is to make the Foundation gradually self-sustaining in regard to presence and institutional development in the United States.

Univerity of Guadalajara Foundation | USA Universidad de Guadalajara

Created in 2008, the Foundation has established a network of strategic relationships with a range of public and private institutions as well as social and political leaders. This network facilitates partnerships that will guarantee the successful implementation of the plans and programs envisioned by the University of Guadalajara.

Through its academic and cultural programs, the Foundation seeks to improve quality of life and social integration of the Latino community by increasing their cultural and educational level, enhancing their sense of belonging and identification with their environment, and helping them develop their abilities by offering services in education, investigation and culture.

Mission - Vision

The vision, mission and objectives of the Foundation are stablished according to those of the University of Guadalajara.
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