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LéaLA 2015

Fourth edition

In 2015, LéaLA celebrated its 4th edition with the slogan “Angeles read together” and made a call to action to all of those interested in reading and the Spanish-language, to get together from May 15 to May 17 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Halls H-J, South Hall, to enjoy the 147,501 ft2 of books the Fair had reserved for them.

LéaLA took form with seven halls for the use of a literary and academic program, a children’s area called “Salón Cri-Cri” with eleven workshops, each session of 50 minutes long, as well a stage for book presentations and theatrical performances. Also, a Children’s reading hall with capacity of 70 people, the well-known Teatro Cachirulo that holds musical and theatrical representations; and two book signing spaces.

In total, 86,700 visitors attended LéaLA to mesmerize at the sight of 493 publishing houses showing their book catalogs in the 204 booths.

During LéaLA’s fourth edtion and for the first time, the Professionals’ program took place on Friday, May 15. A space of conversation for all of those involved in the book business: editors, librarians, academics and book sellers. The program consisted on a series of conferences and talks of special interest to this particular audience. The end balance was 75 librarians, 13 academics, 5 educator and 30 professionals among editors, book sellers, distributors and content selectors.

Mexico City served as the Guest of honor with a cozy and modern pavilion, inviting all attendants to step in and take a chance at discovering the tradition of the Mexican capital. There were discussions tables and conferences whose main topics approached the importance of publishing in Mexico City among Spanish-speakers, creative peculiarities of Spanish-speakers, as well as the presence of contemporary literary voices.