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LéaLA 2012

Second edition

LéaLA’s second edition was visited by 67,000 people and had an exhibit space of 96,600 square feet to hold over 200 stands with publishers from Latin America, the United States and Spain. It also held a reading hall, an exhibit area and a book-signing area, as well as an Educational Pavilion. Over 200 activities were put together, such as book presentations and lectures. Over 180 authors and scholars were invited, there were 9 performances and 3 large format concerts at the Nokia Theater. Among the attending countries were Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain and the United States.

Among participants were poet Ernesto Cardenal; writer and Nicaraguan’s former vice president Sergio Ramirez; activist and poet Javier Sicilia; acclaimed Spanish writer, Carlos Ruiz Zafón; famous Los Angeles author James Ellroy; publisher and Mexican historian Enrique Krauze; Pilar del Río, José Saramago’s widow and former translator; Paco Ignacio Taibo II; Francisco Martín Moreno, probably the best read author in Mexico; Juan Manuel Roca, the most important living Colombian poet; the brave journalist Sanjuana Martínez; the talented author Andrés Neuman; and many other contemporary authors fundamental for today’s understanding of literature. In addition, Letras Para Volar, an international collaboration among University of Guadalajara and Fielding University, designed a series of workshops for children focused especially on reading and the use of Spanish; their activities included the participation of writer Margarita Robleda and singer José-Luis Orozco.