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LéaLA 2011

First edition

LéaLA's first edition was visited by more than 36,000 people and had an exhibit space of 17,316 square feet to receive over 100 publishers from Latin America and the United States. Over 100 authors and scholars were invited, there were 7 performances and 3 large format concerts at the Nokia Theater.

Attendees enjoyed the words of Isabel Allende who, accompanied by outstanding author Laura Restrepo, presented her book La isla bajo el mar; in addition, Elena Poniatowska, winner of the Biblioteca Breve Seix Barral prize, presented and signed her book Leonora; and the presence of three of Mexico’s most controversial journalists and bravest practitioners in the field: Lydia Cacho, Anabel Hernández and Sanjuana Martínez. The three expressed their points of view on various topics of current interest and exchanged opinions with their audience. Francisco Hinojosa was one of the prominent figures included in the program Letras para Volar (an initiative sponsored by the University of Guadalajara and Fielding Graduate University) consisted of a series of workshops focused specifically on fostering reading and giving children an opportunity to practice Spanish. Other prominent attendees included Latino community leaders such as newscaster Raúl Peimbert and Latino celebrities Kate del Castillo and José José.

In the academic field, LéaLA opened its activities with two of the world’s foremost authorities on the Spanish-Language: José Manuel Bleca, director of the Royal Academy of the Spanish-Language, and Gerardo Piña-Rosales, director of the North American Academy of the Spanish-Language. In addition, the controversial Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón delivered a talk about the future of justice and law to an audience of L.A. residents who showed great interest in all topics related to their culture heritage.